Chad Harrington – Business Manager

Chad Harrington. B.B.A. Class of 1997. James Madison University. Business Manager.

Chad was born in South Korea. Raised by a single father, at the age of eight he was put up for adoption. It was a confusing and difficult time for Chad as he tried to understand his father’s motivation for giving him up.

Chad was adopted by the Harringtons a year later. They brought him home to Manchester, Massachusetts. The Harringtons were no strangers to the adoption process. They had already adopted a young boy who was close to Chad’s age, and they also had two older biological children. Chad was more than happy to share his new parents with his siblings. It was a family in the truest sense of the word.

In hindsight, Chad realized that his father had given him the opportunity to live a better life. And he admired his father for his courage and selflessness.

Chad’s upbringing in America was filled with memorable times and good friends. He attended high school with 53 other classmates. One of the advantages of living in a small town is that it provided Chad with a nurturing environment where he felt comfortable setting goals for himself. One of those goals was going to college with the hope of providing for himself, and perhaps helping his biological father as well.

When he approached his mother about furthering his education, she looked into the possibility of a student loan. As luck would have it, she found the money to send Chad to college with a federal student loan.

Chad’s loan covered his expenses while he earned a B.B.A. from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. In 1997, he achieved one the many goals he has set for himself by graduating.

Today, Chad works for PricewaterhouseCoopers as a Management Consultant implementing business software. He enjoys playing all kinds of sports and spending time with his two dogs. What’s more, he gives back to his community by volunteering for the McLean Youth League, coaching basketball for kids.