Martha Golden – Nurse

Martha Golden. B.S. Class of 1983. James Madison University. Nurse.

As a child, Martha might have dismissed someone who saves lives dressed in white as make-believe. But she couldn’t dismiss her history book’s Florence Nightingale. It was both imagination and reality that first called young Martha into the world of nursing.

In fact, she has always viewed her choice to become a registered nurse as not merely a career decision, but as a calling. At age fourteen, she set a goal to become a nurse.

By the end of Martha’s high school education, she knew that she would have to pass Virginia’s state board exams to be licensed as a registered nurse. That meant going to college.

With help from a federal student loan, she was able to achieve her goal. Martha’s student loan covered her educational expenses from her freshman year through to graduation.

Martha’s student loan providers also made loan repayment convenient and affordable so Martha could concentrate on obtaining good grades instead of worrying about how to pay for her education.

In 1983, she donned her cap and gown at James Madison University and accepted a well-deserved B.S. degree in Nursing Science. She immediately went on to pass the board exams, becoming a licensed RN.

Today her life includes a balance of healthy mind, body, spirit, family, and community ties. She believes that all medical professionals should listen to the people they are serving, because they have valuable knowledge about their own health needs.